Sunday, June 10, 2018

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Chronological Order of Last Days

We have identified the start of the Last Days and Last Generation with the PLO-Israel Peace Treaty and by matching Mat 24 with the 7 Seals we manage to sync all events up to Rapture.

Seal 1 (1993) PLO-Israel Peace Treaty started the Last Days and Last Generation. False christs of Mat 24:4-5
Seal 2 (1994) Rwandan Genocide.
Seal 3 (1997) Asian Financial Crisis
Seal 4 ( ? ) World War 3 in Mat 24:6-8
Seal 5 ( ? ) Persecution and the Great Tribulation in Mat 24:9-28
Seal 6 ( ? ) The Great Heavenly Blackout and Rapture in Mat 24:29-31
     As Christians, we must ensure that we are part of Rapture (1st resurrection). If we miss Rapture, then all non-Israelites will be condemned to the Lake of fire. To us, anything after Rapture is for educational purpose and the complete understanding of endtime signs and prophecies.

Seal 7 ( ? ) The Wrath of God comprising the plagues of the six trumpets/bowls and the presence of the two witnesses.
7th trumpet signals Jesus final deliverance of the remnant of the Israelites at Jerusalem and then establishes His Millennium Rule on earth.
    From Rev 20-22, we can bring in the Great White throne judgment, the new Heaven and new Earth and the New Jerusalem coming down to the new Earth and then eternity.
    With this chronological order, we will be able to easily sync all endtime signs and prophecies.

All these events are compiled into 3 volumes.
1. Last Generation deals with spirituality of last days Christians, and how they can overcome the false christs' deceptions, heresies and temptations before God's judgment using World War 3 (expected anytime now).
2. Antichrist Revealed based on the Book of Daniel on how World War 3 will be fought, removal of Al Aqsa mosque, rebuilding of temple of God for the Antichrist, etc.
3. Endtime Signs by our Lord Jesus* based on Mat 24 on the Antichrist sitting in the temple proclaiming himself God and how he will use lying wonders to deceive Christians during the great Tribulation just before Rapture.

All these 3 volumes can be downloaded and printed into books. You are given permission to reproduce them for distribution.
You can also buy the 230 page book entitled
'Last Days Scenario as prophesied in the Bible' which comprises these 3 volumes at a nominal price of RM 20/- from Canaan Land Bookstore.
You can reproduce or photostat this book.

Chinese version is being translated and also is being proofread.

Since wrong doctrines, distorted truth and heresies will destroy our faith in God, Jesus and His word, and may send us to damnation, our next topic will be *Sound Doctrine* where all of us can participate using only the word of God (bible) and not teachings of men from books. This will breakdown all denominational walls and only then can we truly become Jesus' disciples just like Apostles Peter, John, Paul, etc.